Throat Poets Interview

Posted: March 28, 2011 in March, Writing

When most grow up they want to be rockstars, for Nanaimo band  Throat Poets they may be grown up but the dream hasn’t died. Since forming in 2009 Throat Poets have influenced the scene with their form of rock.

Meeting at the V-lounge, I came to meet one of the most of the laid-back bands I have ever encountered.  After threatening to use duct-tape on  drummer Jeremy Loewen’s mouth and learning how to say red cream porridge in Danish from bassist Pierce Troll (not his real name but he prefers no one to know). We dove in to the hard stuff, finding out about how their excited about having an opening slot for 80’s hair metal legends Warrant in August.

Which also made me wonder how could such a talented band have not been picked up by a label of any sort. As they explained  to me there have been various interests in the band but all of them have fallen through.  But their immediate plans for the future are to work as hard as they can to put out a full length cd and tour as much as possible.

One of the great things about this band is that they have a full acoustic and electric show. Their talent for both makes them stand out from other bands. It is a nice change to be able to see them in two different lights, but as singer Jerry Payne and myself talked; it can also leave fans with a bitter taste in their mouth. As some of us may have experienced in life we go to see a concert and the band is just performing either their acoustic or their electric set; you need to have a mix of both to keep the fans happy.

Which Throat Poets know how to do, they have been rated number one on for rock  for over nine months. Their next show is on April 7th  at the V-Lounge in Victoria; I highly recommend that you see them perform live and you may be graced with seeing them in their trademark tiki outfits.

  1. Eleanor Gecseg says:

    Alli as usual well done..

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